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Creative writing workshops and manuscript editing with Anthony Weller

The week you spend with Anthony Weller might well be the most important in your life as a writer. – Gregory Gibson, author of Gone Boy, Demon of the Waters, and Hubertís Freaks

Anthony Weller - Author, Poet, Journalist Unlike most workshops, this one's leader has made a living for three decades not as a "writing instructor", but as a novelist and journalist.

Anthony Weller has published four novels and a travel memoir of Asia, and edited two books of war reporting.

He has written more than 150 articles for leading magazines, and won awards for his journalism and poetry. Much of this work is on his blog, along with guest contributions from illustrious friends.

Stricken in 2002 with a severe uncurable form of multiple sclerosis,

Anthony no longer works as a journalist or musician. However, many of his books and CDs are available directly.

The New England workshops (January-September) are held amid the quiet beauty of a harbor village on Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Accommodations in summer are at a turn-of-the-century hotel overlooking a private beach.

Anthony is also available for editing on manuscripts of any length. (Writing is difficult for everybody. It's natural to seek out experienced counsel.)

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